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1) Price : Merchant

Pakej 1 (CASH)

RM 3,990 (terminal) + RM 1,000 (topup credit) = RM 4,990

Pakej 2 (INSTALLMENT - 1 month only)

1st.payment : RM 3,000 (terminal) + RM 500 (credit) = RM 3,500

2nd.payment : RM ,1000 (terminal) + RM 500 (credit) = RM 1,500

Pakej 3 (INSTALLMENT - 1 month only)

1st.payment : RM 3,000 (terminal) + RM 1,000 (credit ) = RM 4,000

2nd.payment : RM 1,000 (terminal) = RM 1,000

pakej 4 (INSTALLMENT - 1 month only)

1st.payment : RM 3,000 (terminal) + RM 500 (credit) = RM 3,500

2nd.payment : RM 1,000 (terminal) = RM 1,000

(Only have RM 500 credit in your terminal)

2) For Rental

RM 2,500 (deposit) + RM 500 (charges fee) + RM 600 (advanced rental for 6 months) + RM 500 (credit) = RM 4,100

RM 100 / month - at month 7 (if continue)

Total : RM 4,100

After 6 months, terminal can be return & also your deposit (RM 2,500)

Contact : SHIKIN - 0163642548 / 06-6786711

Sell online vouchers NOW! mobilephone prepaids, mobile remittance and BILL PAYMENTS

Lets add your business with this additional services you can sell with our wireless terminal. Our wireless terminal or verifone terminal is a necessary business tool on your everyday needs. We are looking for merchants who can sell our pin based products using our portable wireless terminal. This wireless terminal come with sim card which registered with Celcom and you’re now in business. What’s more? You can also do bill collections or bill payments at your neighbourhood and they will like it.
No more waiting or queues and the services can be deliver at your doorstep or your customers doorstep. Promote it to your friends and collegues that you can sell like POS Malaysia and earn with styles. No more papers and cards but only a high tech gadget that can do more than you can imagines.


Mobile Reload

- Maxis, Celcom, Digi & U Mobile

-Commission Provider (Celcom 3%), (Maxis & Digi 2%)(U

Mobile 3%)

Phone cards
- iTalk

-Commission Provider (iTalk 12%)

Duit Pos

The product for mobile remittance is now ready for you to market it to our neighbouring friends from Indonesia. The product come with only denomination of RP100,000.00 ( or RM40.00) .


1. Send money to Indonesia at minimum with minimum cost compared to other similar competing product.

2. Saving money purpose at which the amount stored in the indonesia POS can be redeem at any POS branch or kiosk anywhere in Indonesia.

3. Topup your indonesia prepaid number or friends or relative in Indonesia. ( Most major celco providers)


4% from the card purchased. e.g RM1.60 for every RP100,000 sells or RM40

How to get it?

Same conditions as before, buy the reload terminal at RM3,990.00 and RM1000.00 as it’s first reload.

Bil Payment

-Astro, TNB, TM, Celcom, Maxis, Syabas, Jab. Bekalan Air Negeri-negeri, Pejabat Tanah & others

Bill Collection Center using wireless terminal

Get your business with steady flow of income generating from collection of bills.

Be the first one to get this facility by getting our wireless terminal to collect bills on the move. Why? It is easy and simple way to get your customer without them looking for you. With our mobile terminal, you can settle bills with no hassle at all. Create the opportunity around you with us.

What kind of bills you can collect?

All major bills like TM, TNB, ASTRO, CELCOM, MAXIS, DIGI and SYABAS

-Commission Provider (RM 1.50)

CELCOM 3% 10,30,50,100 pin based
MAXIS 2% 10,30,60,100 pin based
DIGI 2% 10,30,50,100 pin based
ITALK 12% 50,100 pin based
DUIT POS 4% RP100,000 (RM40)
pin based

Sample receipt produced by the reload terminal


RM1000 or in one cost at RM4,990.00

RENTAL for only RM 100/months



Vx610 commands unsurpassed performance - no strings attached. Without tying your customers to a fixed location, our wireless powerhouse delivers blazing performance, high-end fuctionality and exceptional ease of use. With our wireless, battery-powered Vx610, the point of payment can be almost anywhere-merchants can instantly open an extra lane or support an outdoor market.

Powered by a 3 2-bit processor, the all-in-one device eliminates the need for dongles and charging bases. Swiftly handling even the most complex mag-stripe or smart card transaction, Vx610 uses a choice of the latest wireless technologies, such as GPRS, CDMA and Wi-Fi, an the modular design provides true investment protection, allowing modules to be easily swapped sould new versions of technology emerge.

The Vx610 intuitive, ATM-style interface provides a familiar experience for users, and platform with softpay software allows you to leverage existing applications without rewriting code or recertifying - simplifying the implementation process and minimizing your desk costs.

Finally, the name on the outside says all you need to know about the quality and realiability inside.

Services Available under our Terminal

1.Prepaid Services
Prepaid solutions permit merchants to electronically issue personal identification numbers (PINs) at the point of sale that consumers can use to access prepaid cellular telephone, home telephone, Internet and other services. Obtaining PIN numbers electronically eliminates the need for merchants to carry and maintain a physical inventory of prepaid products.

e.g. Celcom, Maxis, Digi, U-Mobile, ITALK and TmNet Hotspot .

Service : Now Available

2.Money Transfer
Money Transfer is a tremendous growth opportunity for merchants and ISOs looking to expand the services they can offer customers. Also known as Card Remittance, it is one of today’s fastest growing opportunities in the petroleum/c-store and general retail markets.

e.g. Indonesia DUITPOS

Service : Now Available

3.Bill Payment

Bill Payment attracts new customers, increases foot traffic and strengthens customer loyalty by allowing customers to pay their bills right where they shop. In addition, ISOs and merchants both earn revenue for each payment a merchant accepts on behalf of a service provider. For these reasons, offering bill payment is an effective way for ISOs to improve merchant retention.

e.g. Astro, TM, TN, Celcom, Maxis, Syabas, Jab. Bekalan Air Negeri & Others

Service: Now Available

4.Credit Card Payment on the Go.
Service: Now Available (EON Bank)

5.Gift Card and Loyalty
Gift cards help merchants of all sizes increase sales, build brand awareness and efficiently manage their

own electronic gift program. Most gift card recipients make multiple trips to the merchant location to use all of the value of their card, which results in increased loyalty. And since payment is collected upfront, cash flow is improved. Loyalty programs allow merchants to automatically keep track of point balances and transaction activity for many types of reward and incentive-based programs.

Service : Will be available at Q2 2009